Next Door Boys Add Band Member

Up and coming Nashville band, the Next Door Boys, is announcing the addition of its newest member who joined the band at the beginning of 2020. Nashville, TN native, Kai Foster, returns to the band to take up the duties on bass.

Kai had been with the band during 2019, but had to make a change due to school commitments. While he was out of pocket, the band recruited Kyle Harkins as the bass player.

With the addition of Kai, the band has moved Kyle Harkins to guitar, his first instrument. Kyle will bookend the band's first guitarist, Miles Morrow. The band decided to take advantage of Kyle's guitar skills to build a fuller, bigger, and simply better sound.

The Next Door Boys are aggressively developing their original songs while also playing classic rock and current rock/pop covers. With Kyle moving to guitar, the band will be able to bring in acoustic elements and broaden the musicality of the band.

We appreciate Kyle lending his guitar talents to the band and welcome Kai back to the Next Door Boys. The band is currently made up of six members.

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