NDB Signs Strategic Relationship with Intercept Music

The Next Door Boys have signed a strategic relationship for services with Intercept Music. Intercept Music brings together a package of services that are specifically created for recording artists, by recording artists and music industry legends. The company is built on proven, bullet-proof software, in use by thousands of businesses around the world. The musical soul comes from their co-founder, who also founded Digital Music Universe, as well as a full slate of advisors with literally hundreds of years of collective experience in the music industry. Beyond that, they interviewed everyone, from musicians with 500 followers to established acts with a following of millions, to assess the needs of musicians right now.

Their services are extensive and their support of independent artists is unique in the industry. Check out the video below to learn more.

In addition, Intercept Music provides access to industry executives, A&R services and a broad array of experience and consultation to musicians and bands. As the Next Door Boys begin to record and release original music and additional covers, Intercept will be a critical part of the distribution and promotion of that music. Together with their advanced social media platform and newly added merchandising capability, the Next Door Boys will be well positioned to focus on the music and their performances while working with intercept to build our fan base and brand.

Finally, the Next Door Boys have formalized the band's business structure and plan as well as formed NDB Publishing Group Company and NDB Performance Group Company. The band will self publish and own all music and copyrights while also promoting their content through NDB Publishing. NDB Performance will focus on booking gigs, any future touring as well as merchandising. Finally, the band also became a member of ASCAP for its performance and publishing business.

We are excited to be announcing this relationship and look forward to a very exciting future!

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